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Sleep on it with a 100 night trial
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100 night trial for mattresses

We believe you should sleep on your mattress to decide if you like it, so we give you up to 100 nights to try it in your own home. If they don’t work out, we are here end of the night!

How do mattress returns work?

  • Your trial begins when your items are delivered. Contact us to initiate your return within your trial.
  • We’ll set up a courier to take it from you. (No, you don’t have to squeeze it back in the box.)
  • Our team will try their best to donate your product to a charity or recycle it.
  • Your original form of payment will be refunded after deducting a nominal cost for return shipping (as per actual cost)
  • GetRest Labs promises to work harder so they can match your expectations one day!

Other return policies

Custom made mattresses from the MakeYourOwnMattress experience , all pillows and comforters are items which can’t be returned and are marked as final sale.

Returned GetRest mattresses will be donated to a local charity or recycled. Charities will vary regionally. In certain localities, restrictions require us to recycle/dispose of the bed.

Need to make a return with us?

We’re sad to hear that, but we’re always here to help.

Frequently asked questions

We want everyone to get the best sleep possible, and know it takes a few nights and naps to get a feel for the difference GetRest can make. With our trial and return policy, you can try GetRest products in the comfort of your own home–pressure free.

If you’ve been sleeping on another mattress every night for the past few years, your body will need time to adjust to your new GetRest sleep system. We offer a 100 night trial on mattresses so you can take note of how your sleep improves along the way.

For mattresses, no need to keep the box! We use large industrial machines to compress and pack our mattresses, so they won’t go back into their original package. If you don’t want to throw the box away, it also makes an excellent rocket ship, side table, standing desk, or playhouse. To initiate a return, you can visit our return or reach out to our Customer Experience team by calling 1800 419 0797