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Add Luxury To Your Life with High-quality Luxury Mattresses

Buy the best luxury mattresses in India from GetRest and feel comfort, support and undisturbed sleep for the rest of your life. Our range of mattresses will give you a 5-star hotel feel whenever you lie down on them.
Elevate the splendour of your home – add a luxury mattress to your bed. We offer designer mattresses with body-conforming benefits. They are not only pleasing to the eyes but also puts a smile on when you lie down on the bed after a hectic day!
High-durable, relaxing experience guaranteed! Check out our range of luxury mattresses. We offer the best possible rates. Don't compromise on comfort! Payless and sleep peacefully.

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Frequently asked questions

They are made of high-end technology and chemical-free organic materials. At GetRest, we make a handcrafter flawless range of high-quality luxury mattresses with thick and comforting layers which are better than your average mattresses.

On average, a normal person spends one-third of his life sleeping; hence it's worth investing in a good quality mattress to ensure a healthy sleeping hour. High-quality luxury mattresses may cost you once; however, they are durable for the long term. Hence investing in them is a good option.

An average and good quality luxury mattress will last for maximum 10 -12 years, and the majority of companies offer a warranty of the same. However, the duration varies depending on the brand that you purchase. The minimum lasting duration of all luxury mattresses in India is around 6-7ears.

Couples who like to have an undisturbed sleep opt for luxury mattresses for their home. Unlike traditional mattresses, it brings high-level comfort and satisfaction and helps you to sleep better. Moreover, many mattresses come with customisable options like you can cool your body during excess heat. They are made of safe ingredients and hence are good for your health. Couple love buying these mattresses as they give them the illusion of sleeping alone by preventing very little movement during sleeping hours.

Since you're paying quite a lot of money, check factors like the type of mattress, reviews of the product, years of warranty, the technology used, and mattress performance before buying luxury mattresses in India. Your need is the essential determinant while you are for mattress shopping.