Comfortable Single Bed Mattresses Online

A good night’s sleep ensures good health and a happy heart. Buy the best single bed mattresses online from GetRest. We have specially handcrafted single-bed mattresses of all sizes made with organic materials.

Our awesome range of single-bed mattresses will go easy on your pocket and provide you with the right type of back support that you need. Don’t worry if you have just shifted to a new location. Get off the couch and buy a single-bed organic mattress from GetRest! Comfort guaranteed at a reasonable price.

Luxurious Hotel Mattresses for a Refreshing Stay

GetRest is an unbeatable manufacturer and supplier of premium quality and the best hotel mattresses in India. We ensure that guests experiencing our mattresses in 5-star hotels get a relaxing and relieved sleep at night. Our range of hotel mattresses includes cocopedic, spring, active back care and active bond mattresses.

We use memory foam to conform to your body shape while lying down in a luxurious hotel room. GetRest is at your service to make your stay memorable.

Fantastic Collection of Double Bed Mattresses Online at GetRest

Quality, comfort and affordability – all in one facility available for the best double bed mattresses at GetRest. We make the perfect king-size mattresses for all modern homes. Do you double bed mattresses online shopping now from our website. Comfortable sleeping experience on foam mattresses that is usable on both sides. Check our website for more details.

We Know Your Comfort Zone

Nature’s Nap manufacture mattresses keeping your comfort in mind
Lap of Nature

Manufactured with completely organic materials and offer optimal support and softness.

Sweet Dreams

An absolute delight for those who love to be in the dreamy lands while sleeping.

The Touch of Silk

Feathery silk covers with natural materials inside to offer the best sleeping experience.

We Offer Guaranteed Products – Every Single Mattress You Choose

We design our mattresses, keeping your comfort, support and health in mind. Our experts manufacture them with non-toxic and natural products to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction.

100 Nights Trial

Enjoy 100 nights risk-free trial. If you don’t find it good enough, we will take it back, and your money will be refunded.

10-Year Warranty

All our mattresses come with a 10-year warranty which means they will stay comfy and supportive for an extended period.

Efficient Customer Service

We take special care of our customers and always ready to help them with the right information as per their needs.

Designed in India

We are an Indian company, and every single part of our products are designed and developed within the country.


We use less plastic and keep a safe distance from toxic materials to make our products a good friend of our environment.

Most Amazing Qualities of Our Mattresses

  • Most-Amazing-icon1
    13 Inch in height
  • Most-Amazing-icon2
    Five layers of plush foam
  • Most-Amazing-icon3
    Best back support
  • Most-Amazing-icon4
    Silky softcover
  • Most-Amazing-icon5
    Fungal free and hygienic

We Build Our Mattresses the Way You Would Love to Have One for Yourself

Nature’s Nap does not manufacture ordinary mattresses with foam and spring. We are the creators of handcrafted mattresses that have organic materials and plush silk covers to make your skin feel fresh and comfortable while lying down on the same.


Super silky covers that will pamper your skin


Open-cell and supple foams that will bounce back

For Everyone

Mattresses for all types of sleepers

Feel Cool

The cooling gel makes your body feel cool


Materials that withstand pressure for long

Get the Best Mattress for Your Family
– Enjoy Good Sleep to Start a Beautiful Day