No Plastic – Feel the Green

Nature’s Nap use 100% toxic-free eco-friendly materials

In our company, we worship nature. We value nature’s role in making our lives healthy and prosperous. This is the reason we believe in making mattresses that are as pure as the first dewdrop of the morning or the fresh breeze of the evening. We use natural materials to manufacture our products.

Organic Cotton for the Exterior Cover

Allergy-free Fabrics for Best Sleeping Experience

Eco-Friendly Memory Foam for Ultimate Comfort

No Plastic or Any Toxic Elements

Can Mattresses Cause Allergies to Your Body

The rumours about having allergic reactions on the body and in the pulmonary system due to the use of a certain quality of mattresses are known to all. Unfortunately, everything on this regard is not assumption or rumours; some of them are true as well.

Nature’s Nap understands the seriousness of this issue. We know how important it is to maintain the good health of you and your entire family. This is the reason; we bring mattresses of this new era which are created with completely non-allergic materials and will suit your skin as well as various body parts easily.

Why Our Mattresses Are Non-Allergic

We use 100% organic materials like bamboo and organic cotton to prepare the mattresses. These natural elements eliminate the chance of having bed bugs and other kinds of insects inside your bed. You will never feel any sort of irritation while lying down on these mattresses. You can enjoy a deep sleep throughout the night. Our company offers bespoke mattresses in terms of material, size, and design.

There will be no one between you and your happy sleep!

The soft feathery touch of the organic materials will let you have the sweetest sleep of your life. Moreover, the foam we use is tested as well as certified to meet health, safety and environmental standards. The upper layer or the cover fabric of the mattress is made of modal, silk that ensures non-allergic reactions to your skin and off it a super-silky feel. The material remains gentle to your skin which helps you to enjoy a sound sleep. It is less prone to shrinking and pilling.

Excellent Packaging for Best Result

All our mattresses are handcrafted. We use special packaging techniques to ensure that the bedding will breathe properly. It’s moisture regulating, and self-ventilating technique keeps it fungal free and hygienic. On the other hand, high-quality packaging prevents foreign particles from entering. Hence, the mattresses remain completely toxic-free and safe for your skin.

Be Happy; We Manufacture Mattresses for
Human, Not for Bed Bugs!

Since at Nature’s Nap, we are highly particular about Being Green and Being Organic, our mattresses are made of 0% plastic and 100% natural elements. This is the reason these mattresses are good not only for the adults but also for your kids and pets.

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