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GetRest brings you premium quality mattresses made of natural products. This will make your sleeping time more relaxing and peaceful.

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What Should You Consider
Before Buying a Mattress?

Picking up the right type of mattress is required to ensure that your body receives proper support while lying on the bed. A wrong selection may hamper your sleeping pattern, and that can have severe effects on your overall health. There are a few things that you must keep in mind while shopping for mattresses.


A plush soft mattress may offer you a soft and smooth feeling while sleeping, but you need to focus on proper spinal alignment as well. GetRest brings mattresses that are designed and manufactured to offer complete support to your back, spine, neck, thigh and ankle when you sleep. Your entire body can receive the necessary support and comfort so that your mind can feel peaceful, and you can fall asleep quickly.

Right sleeping position can help you to get rid of chronic back pain, spinal issues and sleep apnea.

Types of Mattresses

Before buying, you should know what kinds of mattresses are available in the market. They can be distinguished on the basis of their materials and type of making. GetRest uses natural materials and no plastic for making the mattresses.

Factors that Should Determine
the Type of Mattresses

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    Sleep pattern
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    User’s age
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    Personal preferences

Types of Mattresses We Have for You

Hybrid Mattress

As the name suggests, it is a combination of different types of foam and materials layer by layer to offer you ultimate comfort.

Latex Mattress

The combination of latex foam with either reflex foam or spring is created to offer you a supportive sleep surface.

Foam Mattress

Instead of springs, here air pressure is used to offer support and bounce to the sleepers to give them a natural feeling of comfort.

Spring Mattress

A traditional type of mattress that has spring in it to provide support to your body while you are sleeping on the mattress.

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