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We Rest, test, and repeat, so you GetRest

At GetRest Labs, we test to make sure every fiber of every product is made for great sleep. Our craftsmen are everything; the core of everything we do and make at GetRest. Handcrafting beds from layers of natural materials with meticulous attention to detail.
The skills they use are the key to your perfect sleep.

Discovering the perfect sleep temperature

We evaluate and compute how much body heat is generated during the night and engineer our cooling system close to the perfect balance of breezy and cozy.

  • Body heat simulator
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Freaking out over ergonomics

All bodies are different, but all of them need support. Our ergonomic tests simulate how you roll and turn at night to design the best support system for all body types.

  • Spine alignment testing
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You spend one third of your life on a mattress, which is why you need one that lasts. We use a custom made rolling machine to simulate 10 years of sleep and establish the mattress keeps its shape.

  • Engineered to last
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Overnight evaluation and observation

Our lab bedroom is designed to simulate the ideal sleeping experience, test new materials, and attain actual feedback to snooze-proof your mornings.

  • Sleepover experiments
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