Which firmness is right for me?

We do the research so you can do the sleeping.

The suggestions below are to help with your initial choice.


  • Suitable for back sleepers
  • Sinks in slightly while still being supportive
  • Approximate 8/10 firmness rating
  • Wake up feeling cosy and well rested

Luxury Firm

  • Legendary support and cooling
  • Approximate 7/10 firmness rating
  • Still feels cloud like while maintaining a strong level of support


  • Like sleeping on a cloud, almost literally
  • Approximate 5/10 firmness rating
  • For those who like a plush and cool bed

Luxury Plush

  • Deeply pressure relieving
  • Approximate 6.5/10 firmness rating
  • Most luxurious and supportive at the same time

It's not all about you

For the caring couples!

You don’t need to compromise on sleep just because you found your soulmate.

We've made it simple: A half & half mattress.

Choose your side according to your firmness preference without upsetting your significant other

Get yourself a half & half mattress from the menu and we’ll make sure you both GetRest happyily ever after!