High-Class Comfort for Best
Sleeping Experience

The mattress that Makes Your Body Feel Relaxed

At Nature’s Nap, we believe that sound sleep is highly required for your body to feel energetic and prepared for the rest of the day. If your sleep is disturbed, then you may not have the power to take challenges and overcome them easily. This is the reason; we manufacture mattresses that not only offer you sound sleep but ensure the comfort and support your body expect from the bed.

Explore Your Level of Comfort

Lush Soft

This type of mattress of Nature’s Nap offers you a deep, cushiony feeling, recommended for lighter weight people.

Ultra Firm

This very type of mattress will offer you a perfect balance of uplifting support and comfort whenever you lie down.

Super Firm

For the users who love firm mattresses with a heavier body and a love for a sleeping position with back or stomach support.

Perfect Support for Your Back Health

As per a recent survey, 56% of the population in India are suffering from back pain, neck pain and muscle stiffness. All these issues happen because of wrong sleeping postures and the use of poor quality mattresses.
Nature’s Nap brings a revolutionary product to you so that your entire body can receive the right amount of support and balance during sleep. We pay special attention to the back health of our customers. Thus, we use special technologies to make our mattresses completely supportive to your back, spine, neck, heap and legs.

Proper support, adequate pressure and plush softness – everything that your body need to enjoy a sound sleep.


Reduce Back and Joint Pain

Your body needs contouring and cushioning support to feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you lie down on the bed. We use modern technologies to provide that support to your back, neck, hips and shoulders so that these body parts can relieve pressure and feel relaxed.


Best Spine Support

We use modern technologies to ensure that your spine receives full support and you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night. Our premium quality mattresses have layers that can offer optimal support to your back and spine simultaneously.


Bespoke Mattresses

Every human body is not the same. Hence, a standard design, shape or pattern of the mattress may not be appropriate for every user. Therefore, our team of experts manufacture bespoke mattresses as per your body structure, weight and sleeping pattern.

Nature’s Nap Mattresses – Specially Engineered for Your Back Health

Nature’s Nap does not manufacture ordinary mattresses with foam and spring. We are the creators of handcrafted mattresses that have organic materials and plush silk covers to make your skin feel fresh and comfortable while lying down on the same.

Whether you want it for yourself, your kids or your pets
– we have something special for everyone.